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About Baj & Boo

We are a small business located in Toronto, Ontario. Our goal is to create a safer community and provide socio-cultural awareness. We collaborated with artists from all around the world to create unique and stylish designs while promoting inclusivity and empowerment.

The New Essential

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"Got my masks in today - absolutely love them! Also just wanted to commend you for your amazing initiative with donating masks to local shelters."

- Lauren

"Just received my sisterhoood mask in the mail and sent a picture to my daughter. OMG I sent her a picture of it and took such heat for not having thought to order her one because she loves it! Thanks for all you do!"

- Ardith


"To all the women who sometimes look death in the face, who go from laughter to tears, who are generous, have nothing and yet share, who have had a painful past and long to build a happy future, you are heroes. 💗

Our Vintage 2.0 Collection